Biod Energy India Pvt Ltd.

Leading Biofuel Producers in India and Dubai

At Biod Energy, we are on a mission to create a sustainable future. We believe the widespread adoption of greener energy solutions will lead to a monumental shift in how we generate and consume energy.

27 Mil

litres of biodiesel sales

71 Mil

kgs of carbon savings achieved

101 Mil

litres of used cooking oil collected

57 Mil

litres per annum of biodiesel production

Driven by cutting-edge research and development, we are committed to deploying our revolutionary Biodiesel production system seamlessly into society's present-day operating procedures – paving the way for a greener tomorrow. Proudly extending our impact, we are present in both India and Dubai, actively contributing to the global transition towards greener practices.

Leading the Green Revolution in India and Dubai

BIOD Energy India Pvt. Ltd.

A pivotal player in India's pursuit of advancing biofuel technology, collaborates seamlessly with the Indian Biofuel Mission. Our proactive engagement involves strategic partnerships with major Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and private enterprises, dedicated to expediting the production and distribution of green fuel.

BIOD Energy India Pvt. Ltd.

As a global leader in energy research and development, Dubai stands at the forefront of the green revolution. In collaboration with major restaurant chains, the Dubai government established a Biodiesel production facility in 2012, utilising used vegetable oil. This visionary move led to the launch of Green Buses by the Road & Transport Authority, further confirming the benefits of Biodiesel production.

BIOD Energy India Pvt. Ltd.

BIOD Technology FZE proudly aligns its operations and directives with the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030, focusing on improved energy generation and consumption practices. Together, we aim to forge a future where Carbon Dioxide emissions and fuel costs plummet to record lows.

Revolutionising the Future of Energy

Explore our cutting-edge production facilities, meet our dedicated team, and witness the transformative power of our ISCC-certified processes. By partnering with Biod, you're not only adopting a greener solution – you're joining a worldwide movement toward sustainability.

Together, let's forge a cleaner, greener tomorrow powered by sustainable, second-generation Biodiesel.

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