Paper is our core business. We supply different types of publishing paper for the Print Media

Anika is a leader in the Indian market in sales of publication paper used for printing of newspapers, magazines, catalogues, books, directories etc. With over 0.4 million tons sold annually, a YOY growth of 10-12% and revenues exceeding $300 million , Anika spearheads the paper trading industry in india. We supply paper to all major Indian media houses, such as Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Malayala Manorama, ABP, D B Corp Etc.

Anika specialises in sourcing the best quality paper from leading companies based in Scandinavia, Australasia and Korea. We supply different types of publishing paper that fulfills specific needs of end-user requirement in the publishing and printing industry. The main grades of publishing paper products that we supply are:

  • Standard Newsprint
  • Hi-Brite Newsprint
  • Glazed Newsprint (super calendered)
  • Light Weight Coated Paper
  • Woodfree Coated
  • Woodfree Un-coated

Apart from this specialisation in publishing paper, we partner with all major producers of paper, who deals in various other grades of paper too. These associations align us with the latest products and innovations globally. This multi-product approach helps us provide the most appropriate products as per different customer needs. Not only that, the knowledge that we acquire through multi-partner tie ups provide us with expertise which we pass to our clients so that they can choose the best product that meets their requirement .

We believe in the print media and paper continues to remain our core business. At Anika, we cooperate with our selected principals and portfolio of products to meet and exceed the industry expectations. Partnering with us ensures a secure supply, best quality product, access to technical expertise, market intelligence, industry experience and a sound customer support .