Anika FZE is an independent growth engine that is driving Anika International's global growth vision

Anika’s global footprint extends to the Middle East with Anika FZE, a wholly owned subsidiary of Anika International. Anika FZE was established in 2004 to widen the scope of Anika Group’s activities in its paper business. Today AFZE is growing from strength to strength in Paper as well as the Timber business and has revenues over $ 5.5Million .

Anika FZE bridges the cultural diversity of the east and the west , hence strengthening business relationships. AFZE brings with it global experience, fast & efficient decision making and sound expertise thereby emerging as one of the most strategically important ventures of Anika International.

Aligning itself to the growth strategy of Anika International, AFZE is also diversifying into real estate. The last two years has seen AFZE make major strategic investments in real estate and properties in Dubai. AFZE is not just a facilitator to Anika International, but an independent growth engine that is driving its global growth vision.