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Mr. Anil Vig

Chairman & Managing Director


Mr. Anil Vig is the Chairman of the Board at ANIKA International, a prominent holding company within the ANIKA Group. This partnership, comprising over a dozen companies, boasts a collective sales revenue surpassing US$ 600 Million. Mr Vig holds a notable position as a Board member for one of India’s leading news conglomerates, TV Today Group.
His exemplary understanding and leadership have guided the ANIKA Group's expansion into various sectors, including Pharmaceuticals, Paper, Fertilizer, Timber, Protective Films, Real Estate, Hospitality, and Entertainment. The Republic of Estonia, acknowledging his invaluable contributions, bestowed upon Mr. Vig the esteemed role of Honorary Consul in India, a distinction held in high regard by the Estonian Government.
In recognition of his outstanding efforts in enhancing Indo-Finnish trade relations, Mr. Vig was awarded the prestigious “The Order of the Lion of Finland” title in 2018. With his steadfast leadership and guidance, we remain poised to achieve new heights of success.

Mr. Shiva Vig


Mr. Shiva Vig, a dynamic leader and Director at ANIKA International, spearheads strategic initiatives. Armed with a Business Administration degree from Regents Business School, London, his self-driven nature fuels his pursuit of ambitious goals. In addition to looking after the family’s traditional business, he also ventured into futuristic projects. He founded the innovative “Waste to Energy” BIOD Technology in Dubai and its Indian counterpart, BIOD Energy. With relentless dedication, Shiva steered ANIKA Group's investments in Biodiesel Manufacturing Units in Dubai and India, aligning with the group's mission of sustainable energy. His astute vision and tireless efforts propelled ANIKA Group's expansion in the MENA region, leaving an indelible mark on our business landscape.

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Mr. Raj Kumar Jain


Mr Jain serves as a whole-time Director at ANIKA International and its affiliated entity, India Recypa Pvt. Ltd. Within the Paper Industry, he is widely recognised for his extensive expertise, earning respect from active and non-active members of International Paper Manufacturing and Trading Companies.
His influence extends beyond Business Development in the Paper Division; Mr Jain also spearheads the Waste Paper collection and recycling venture at India Recypa Pvt. Ltd. His profound understanding of the market's nuances, spanning various grades of paper, has paved the way for the innovation of new paper grades. This innovation has, in turn, led to the displacement of traditional Plastic and Poly packs in the packaging industry, marking a substantial shift towards sustainability.

Mr. Siddharth Vig


Siddharth Vig, a seasoned professional across diverse business verticals, holds pivotal roles as Whole Time Director at ANIKA International & ANIKA Global and Vice-President at BIOD Energy India.
National and international partners highly regard his expertise, propelling Group Companies to new heights in the Pharmaceutical, Sustainable Fuel, Fertilizer, Surface Protection Film and timber sectors. Siddharth's key contributions lie in Domestic and International Business Development and Strategic Alliances, driving company growth. Guided by the late Mr. K.L. Vig, founder of ANIKA Group and Honorary Consul of Estonia, he facilitated a Bilateral Trade Agreement between India & Estonia. Over the years, he organised numerous Estonian business delegation visits, fortifying trade relations between the countries.

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Ms Ashima Bhasin

E.A. to Managing Director & Sr. G.M. (Admin)

Ms. Ashima Bhasin, as the Executive Assistant to Mr. Anil Vig, M.D. of the ANIKA Group, plays a significant role in supporting him across all his business endeavours. Over the past two decades, she has been an integral part of the core management team, overseeing the general administration of various verticals within the group. With a wealth of experience spanning more than 30 years in travel, tourism, operations, FFMC, and Real Estate, she brings a broad and diverse perspective to her role. Her responsibilities encompass the comprehensive management of operations within the group.

Mr. Jarmo Salonen

General Manager - Anika International FZE

Mr. Salonen, a dynamic leader with a wealth of international experience, currently holds the position of General Manager at ANIKA International FZE in Dubai. His extensive background encompasses various countries, including Finland, Ivory Coast, Algeria, France, Greece, and the UAE. Since joining ANIKA Group in 2007, he has brought his 19 years of expertise in the Communication Paper Business, making him an instrumental figure in ANIKA's success. His profound knowledge of the Paper Industry has not only been pivotal in the organisation's growth but has also played a crucial role in shaping the paper industry landscape in the MENA region.

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Mr. Ravi Kumar

Chief Executive Officer - Vig K Finance Pvt Ltd

Mr Ravi Kumar serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Vig K Finance Pvt Ltd (a unit of Anika Group), boasting a prominent career spanning over four decades in the banking sector. An alumnus of SRCC & Delhi School of Economics, he has been at the helm of Vig K Finance since its inception, successfully establishing the company's prominence in retail lending. Known for his unwavering commitment to compliance with RBI regulations, Mr Kumar is highly regarded for his prompt decision-making and exceptional customer relations. With over 30 years of expertise in consumer lending, mortgages, and SME loans, he leads the company's operations with utmost professionalism and precision.

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