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Facilitating the Healthcare Industry with Fine Chemicals, Intermediates and APIs

At Anika, we are dedicated to excellence in the pharmaceutical industry. With a legacy dating back to 1970, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for the bulk drug and pharmaceutical companies in India. In collaboration with companies from Europe, the USA, and Australia, we facilitate the Import & Export of intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to advance the Indian pharmaceutical market.

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Pharmaceuticals are at the heart of our operations. We have strategically partnered with global companies known for their unwavering commitment to compliance, quality, and a clear emphasis on research and development (R&D).

Anika Supplies A Diverse Range Of Critical Components, Including:

APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)

Specialising in high-quality APIs, Anika sources from reputable partners committed to compliance, quality, and research and development. Our commitment to excellence extends across a diverse range of therapeutic areas, including Peptides, Oncology, gastrointestinal, CNS, dermatology, cardiovascular, immunology, Pain Management, respiratory, infectious diseases (virus/bacteria/HIV), ophthalmology, metabolic disorders, genetic disorders, hormonal disorders, ENT disorders, women's health, men's health, antibiotics, penicillins etc.

Anika: Your Trusted Partner In Pharmaceutical Excellence

At Anika International Pvt. Ltd., we set the standard for pharmaceutical excellence, ensuring you have a partner you can trust. In addition to our supply capabilities, we offer consultancy for overseas companies seeking to establish their marketing and sales channels in India. With Anika, you benefit from timely, informed decisions that drive your pharmaceutical business forward.

Facilitating API Imports And Exports With Great Expertise.

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