Recypa India is committed to conserve our tomorrow by recycling recovered paper today

India Recypa Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture company between UPM Kymmene (Finland)and Anika International (India). Its formed with a vision to be the largest professionally managed Indian company, in the sector of used paper collection and trading. The role of the company is be to support Indian Paper Manufacturing Companies in outsourcing raw materials from domestic as well as overseas markets.

According to India Recypa, Recovered paper is not waste. It is a basic raw material for the paper industry. Recycling of Recovered paper brings new live to wood fibre and pulp. Almost all grades of paper are recyclable like Old Newspaper, Copies, Books, Office Paper, Magazines, Corrugated Packaging, Brochures, Letters and all those things which are made of paper. It is necessary to recognize and develop those sources.

Recypa works on recovering paper, which is the only solution to ever increasing raw material requirement of paper industry and a great hand to shape tomorrow´s today. India Recypa is mainly focusing on treating material as a valuable resource and not a waste to be disposed of.

  • One of the only well managed company in India who deals in recovered paper for recycling purpose only.
  • Having professional of recovered paper Industry
  • Deal with all of the major Recycle based Paper Manufacturing Mills.
  • Able to take the responsibility to make environment pollution free.
  • A good enthusiastic team, which cover the whole Indian network.
  • Efficient cooperation with collectors of Recovered Paper (Any Grade).

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