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At Recypa, we're not just in the business of dealing with paper; we're in the business of shaping a sustainable future. Our commitment lies in recognising the value of recyclable materials, and we specialise in various grades of papers that can be given a new life. From Old Newspapers, Copies, Books, and Office Paper to Magazines, Corrugated Packaging, Brochures, and Letters – we handle it all.

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Transforming Waste into Tomorrow's Valuable Resources

Redefining Paper Sustainability

India Recypa Pvt Ltd. is a key player that stands as a trailblazer in the Indian waste paper trading industry. Established in 2007 through a strategic Joint Venture with Finland's leading manufacturer, our firm is a pioneer in offering global waste solutions. We take pride in being the first professionally managed company dedicated to collecting, procuring, storing, and supplying used/waste paper for recycling purposes.

Pioneering Environmental Solutions Through Paper Recycling Excellence

Championing Environmental Solutions

At Recypa, our central objective is to redefine paper as a valuable resource rather than mere waste. Recognising recycling as the linchpin, we address the growing raw material demands of the paper industry. Through efficient paper recovery, our contribution goes beyond the present, actively shaping a more sustainable world for tomorrow.

Together, Let's Shape A Greener And More Sustainable Tomorrow

At India Recypa, we go beyond business. We are committed to developing a sustainable policy framework that defines the responsibilities of producers and users. Our mission extends to sensitising citizens about the importance of segregating, collecting, and reusing waste paper. Together, we strive to achieve significant waste paper recovery in India.

Connect with Recypa on our transformative journey towards a sustainable future. Businesses and individuals alike partner with us for responsible paper waste disposal. Explore the impact of waste paper recycling and witness the tangible difference your contribution can make.

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